• Every year, MPHS puts on a Spring Musical which is directed by the drama teacher, Mr. John Klak.  Auditions take place each year around early december, before winter break. Anyone 7th-12th grade that goes to MPPS is welcome to audition. Auditions have already been held for this year. If interested in participating, a sign up sheet will be in the band hall once audition packets come out for next year. You can pick up an audition packet in the principals office. When it is that time of year, information about auditions will be on the announcements. The audition process is very simple. They love to have as many people involved as possible! If you have any questions contact John Klak at jklak@mtpleasant.edzone.net.

Once Upon A Mattress
  • Once Upon a Mattress is a hilarious musical based off of the classic "Princess and the Pea." It was the musical for MPHS in 2015 and was a smashing sucess. Audiences were laughing the entire time. The cast list is as follows:

    Queen Aggravain Khanya Msibi
    Prince Dauntless Patrick Kemmerling
    Princess Winifred Katie Stauffer
    Sir Harry Isaac McWethy
    Lady Larken Kelsi Wilson
    King Sextimus Aaron Wittbrodt
    Wizard Avery Sacolic
    Minstrel Ben Elliot
    Jester David Klak
    Princess No. 12 Autumn Williams

    Pantomime Characters (ballet dancers)
    Grace Zimmerman
    Sela Damer-Daigle
    Maria Mitchell

    Dance Ensemble (Chorus)
    1st Lady-in-Waiting – Rowena - Katie Caleca
    2nd Lady-in-Waiting - Merrill - Aliyah Waldo
    3rd Lady-in-Waiting – Lucille - Nicole Aultman
    Lady Mabelle Ana Wroblewski
    Lady Beatrice Grace Zimmerman
    Lady in Waiting Katie Zwick
    Lady in Waiting Brenna Olrich
    Lady in Waiting Anna Hassloch
    Lady in Waiting Sela Damer-Daigle
    Lady in Waiting Lenae Baldwin
    Lady in Waiting Maria Mitchell

    Sir Studley Ryan Pashenee
    Sir Luce Jeff Patton
    1st Knight Brandon MacIntosh
    2nd Knight (Sir Harold) Brandon Bjerke 
    3rd Knight Drew Patton
    Knight Ayden Bracken
    Knight Alec Bliss
    Knight Bryan Kemmerling

    Spanish Panic Dancer David Klak (Jester)
    Spanish Panic Dancer Avery Sacolic (Wizard)
    Spanish Panic Dancer Ben Elliot (Minstrel)

    Soldiers & Servants (Chorus)
    Stanley Huang 
    Martin Kindig 
    Jordan Cregger
    Sidney Aldrich
    Simone Bigford
    Brianna Boerma
    Sammy Bolles
    Reyna Brown
    Samantha Buckmaster
    Grace Buerkel
    Katie Burch
    Carmen Fernandez
    Madi Hanson
    Jenna Harnick
    Ceci Kenney
    Nia Lewis
    Marybeth Marsh
    Nicole Noch
    Morgana Pitts
    Ashley Seymour
    Autumn Williams
    Sage Wood
    Dylan Wonch
    Blake Tice
    Aliana Seybert
    Ashley Davis
    Alexis Zimmerman
    Jasmine Mead
    Devon Thompson
    Mya McDiarmid
    Danielle Pool
    Elizabeth Hawkins
    Zoey Yayer 
    Kaylee Overfield
    Abby Merrifield
    Chris Fader-Hamilton
    Jakiyah Babbitt
    Sadie Pomranky
    Arowaa Owens
    Ashley Davis
    Emma McWethy

Big Fish
  • Big Fish the musical was the musical for 2016 starring Riley Smith, Brandon Bjerke and Rachel Clark. It is a musical about a man telling all the crazy adventures he had in his life to his son. The stories includes witches, a giant, a werewolf, and many other unbelievable things. As the son grows older, he stops believing the stories and doesn't trust his father. However, he ends up meeting all the creatures that his father had always talked about and is surprised to find out they are all real. The musical is also a movie. The cast had an amazing time throughout the entire experience. With one of the largest groups of kids the musical's ever had, the show proved to be a major success. Lots of friendships were made, and many more were strengthened. The entire experience was filled with laughter and joy as everyone came together to make a great show. The auditorium was almost filled every single night, and the community loved it.

Little Mermaid
  • We are very excited to present The Little Mermaid as our musical for 2017. It is the classic tale of Ariel, a mermaid, and her longing to be like humans on land and fall in love. She has to encounter the Sea Witch in order to get her dream to come true. Find out what happens in this tale by coming to the show February 24th-26th or March 3rd-4th. This is a family friendly show and we would love to see you there! The cast list is linked below.

    Cast List