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    Classroom Information:

    Arrival: The first bell rings at 8:40 am. It is very important that students arrive on time so they are not missing out on those important procedures that we take care of at the very beginning of the day. 

    Recess:  Please dress your child appropriately for the weather.  The students will be going outside in the morning and afternoon. The weather can be very unpredictable!

    Medication:  Medicine, including Tylenol, cough drops, and ointments with doctor’s permission must be dropped off in the office in their original packaging and a parent must fill out a medical form from the office.  The students will be taken to the office to have medication administered.

    Specials:  Your child will be offered Music, P.E., and Library each week for 30 minutes per session.  It is important that your child wear (or have at school) a pair of white-soled shoes for P.E. class.

    Friday Folders:  Every Friday a folder will be sent home with your child’s work for the week.  Please look through it with y our child.  Each Monday, we expect your child to return his/her folder.  This is a wonderful organization tool.  Any important information that needs to go home during the week will be given to your child in his/her backpack.

    Newsletter:  This is our main communication from home to school.  I try to email or send home a newsletter every two weeks. I will also post it on my classroom page.  Within the newsletter, you will find out about upcoming events, curriculum, notices, etc.  Ganiard Elementary School does have a website containing information too:  www.mtpleasantschools.net

    Lunch Money:  Your child may choose to bring their lunch or eat the school lunch.  School lunch money is to be turned in to the Elementary Office or classroom in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and teacher on it.  Your child will have 3 lunch choices to choose from each day.  Please discuss the lunch menu at home and your child’s options for lunch that day.  Your child will mark what kind of lunch he/she would like by moving his/her name under the lunch choice. 

    Lunch:  The children eat lunch at 12:25 in the lunchroom.  Please be sure that cold lunches from home consist of a sandwich and not just treats.   If your child has a problem eating, we will alert you by sending a note home stating the nature of the problem.  Please label your child’s lunch box/bag.

    Snack: A Snack Calendar will be provided each month.  On your child’s scheduled day, please provide enough snack servings for 22 students.  If your snack requires spoons or forks, it is appreciated if you provide those as well.  An example snack list is attached in this handbook. 

    Sharing/Show and Tell:  We ask that students do not bring toys to school.  We will have Share opportunities and will let you know when your child can bring things in.

    Manuscript Handwriting:  Included in this handbook you will find a copy of the Manuscript alphabet and number font.  This is how we will be teaching your child to print. 

    DepartureSchool ends at exactly 3:49 and our classroom will be learning or taking care of classroom business up until that time.  We ask that you please wait outside until that time. If there is inclement weather we will meet in the cafeteria.   Once the bell rings, the classroom teachers will walk your child out to the blue 1 on the fence to meet you.  Please be sure that if your child’s transportation needs have changed in any way, you MUST send a note with your child that states the change or call the office with any changes.  If neither a note nor phone call has been made to us, we will proceed with the normal dismissal routine for your child.  We will dismiss students to their parents (or approved adults) and will not allow students to wait outside the school building alone.

    Library Books:  Your child will receive 1-2 library books each week they visit library.  It is important for your child to return his/her library book each week in order to avoid fines and allow your child to check out a new book during their visit.  The librarian will send home a notice for late books.

    Appropriate Clothing:  The children and parents are responsible for wearing appropriate clothing to suit the weather.  No Flip-flops or spaghetti straps please.  Students wearing flip flops will be asked to stand on the blacktop.

    School-Wide Attendance, Tardy Policy, Dress Code and Pick-Up Procedure:  For complete student handbook, read the handbook copy in your child’s Agenda.  We expect students to be at school and on time.  Please see the classroom schedule to see when it is best to make doctor’s appointments during the day.  Studies show that a child’s attendance is critical to his/her learning.

    Code of Conduct:  Refer to the Student Handbook information.  We expect the students to act in a responsible and caring way in our classrooms.  Our classroom will use the following discipline procedures in our classroom:

    Green LightGreat!  All students begin on green each day. 
    Yellow LightWarning!  Your child will be asked to move his/her picture to the yellow light.  This will remind them to slow down and make better choices.
    Orange Light:  Loss of privileges.  This will depend on the time of day and what privileges are left in the day that can be used. 
    Red Light:  Think Sheet.  A think sheet will be filled out by the teacher and student for the child’s behavior.  Please go over the think sheet with your child and sign and return it back to the classroom teacher.  Think Sheets will be kept for behavior record purposes.

    Birthdays:  If you would like to pass out party invitations at school, please make contact with me about passing out the invitations.  If you are only inviting certain children, please see me so we can arrange a discreet way to pass them out.  You are welcome to bring in special treats to celebrate your child’s birthday.  Please provide any necessary serving utensils for your treat. 

    Agendas:  Your child will write in their agenda each day and bring it home for you to view.   Please review the information with your child, check for school notes in the pocket and initial each night.  Have your child return their agenda the next day.

    Academic Daily Schedule




    Opening:  Attendance, Lunch, Morning Message


    Phonemic Awareness/Spelling


    Language Arts/Reading




     Writer’s Workshop


    Reading Interventions (SWAMP)









    Math Interventions (SWAMP)


    Math                     Science/Social Studies/Health (Fridays)


    Agendas/ Handwriting


    Get Ready for Home




                                          Monday:          Art                               2:30-3:26                                    

                      Tuesday:      PE                                 2:30-3:00                

        Wednesday:  Music & PE                10:40-11:40

        Thursday:    Library & Music             2:00-3:00  

       Friday:           Computers                    3:00-3:30