• Our Peer to Peer program, referred to as LINKS, is a genuine inclusion model for all children, regardless of their disabilities. Through LINKS, children are given the opportunity to help those with disabilities learn classroom routines and choice-making. They can model appropriate classroom behavior and help a child to transition from one activity to the next. LINKS make a difference by allowing a child to participate in instructional and non-instructional activities that in the past they previously may have been excluded from. 


    We just want to THANK YOU so much for your support with our peer to peer program at Ganiard Elementary during the 2015-16 school year.  We couldn't have done it without all of your help and support to continue to run this program for our students.  The peer to peer program received a grant from Project Unify. We were able to provide FREE t-shirts for every student in the school.  The t-shirts were designed by Jolie, a fourth grader in Mrs. Stevens class.  The peer to peer lesson this month focused on a review of what it means to be a good link and a kind friend to all Ganiard students.