1st Grade Valentine's Day Projects

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    Dear First Grade Families,

    I have had the pleasure of working with your first grader on a special Valentine’s Day project.  Your child has been learning how to use a Chromebook at school.  We started with the basics of how to use the Chromebooks, such as, logging in, using the touch pad, navigating on the computer, and locating websites that are used in the classroom frequently.  For this project I worked with each student on creating a slide in Google slides.  The students typed their name, changed the color of the letters and background, and inserted a clip art all while practicing using the touchpad and keyboard.  After the slide was designed, I made an addition to each slide to share their Valentine’s Day message to all of you.

    The project  and videos in the project are unlisted and you can only see them if you have the link.  

    To view the presentation-either click on the link or type in the address listed below into the address bar.  Make sure to use capital letters if shown as capital letters.  The links will also be available on the school website under the “For Students” section or http://mtpleasantschools.net/vday1

    Be sure to use the presentation controls play the videos and/or advance the slides.

    If you have questions, comments or trouble viewing please contact me via email at jcastellon@mpps.edzone.net

    Mrs. Ervin’s Class Project


    Mrs. Auker’s Class Project


    Ms. Roberge’s Class Project


    Ms. Kruse’s Class Project


    Happy Valentine’s Day,

    Joyce Castellon

    Mrs. Ervin

    Mrs. Auker

    Ms. Roberge

    Ms. Kruse