• Enrollment for the upcoming 2017-2018 academic year is CLOSED. The benefits you've enrolled in for the 2017-2018 academic year will become active September 1, 2017.  Please visit our Health/Benefits page for health, vision and dental plan insight based upon your specific plan and benefits. We encourage all our employees to use the My MESSA portal to for current and specific plan details regarding your health plan. Please review the MESSA Employee User Guide for directions on how to navigate the portal if this is your first time. Please note that changes being made after the enrollment period has closed must meet the life changing event criteria. Documentation of the life change event must be submitted to the Human Resources office within 30 calendar days of the event to qualify. Please contact Tammy Carrier, Director of Benefits Administration, regarding any plan and benefit questions you may have. 
    Non Pak positions; Maintenance and Community/Adult Ed.
    Pak positions; Teachers, Counselors, Transportation, Secretaries, Aides, Paraprofessionals, Behavior Interventionist, Administrative Assistants, Technology, Principals, Business Manager, Directors, Administrators, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent.