• Welcome to the Ganiard Elementary Music page!  In the future, all information regarding Ganiard music programs and concerts will be found on this page.  Some of the items that are studied in DK - 2nd grade music in the Mt. Pleasant Public Schools and at Ganiard will be shared on this page as well. 
     Please stop by the music room during parent/teacher conferences. Most classes have made a video recording of one or two songs they learned this fall. They are playing instruments and singing.  These songs will be on a chromebook laptop in room 106 for you to watch.  Please come and enjoy the class performance.
    Some things we are studying during this month's unit include, recognizing basic notes and rests; singing fall songs and including instrument parts and movement parts. Some instruments we are using include Orff instruments, xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels, boom whackers, maraccas, and special effects instruments such as a thunder tube, wind tube, slapstick, sand blocks, and rachet.