• System's Purpose

    Provide the school system's purpose statement and ancillary content such as mission, vision, values, and/or beliefs. Describe how the school system embodies its purpose through its program offerings and expectations for students.

     Mt. Pleasant Public Schools' Vision for the Future:

    Mt. Pleasant Public Schools is committed to shaping the future of our schools and the community by creating a safe environment which encourages risk taking, embraces diversity, and offers innovative programs supporting lifelong learners. To meet this commitment we will support: - a visionary staff which continually demonstrates growth and change, -building a collaborative community with vested participation of families, students and staff, - an ever developing curriculum which incorporates technology, culture, and creative thinking, - sound financial management driven by our priorities.

    Mission Statement:

    Mt. Pleasant Public Schools, together with our community, inspires each student through exceptional educational
    opportunities to become an engaged citizen in a diverse, changing world.
    Beliefs Statement: We believe....

    -Education is the foundation of a successful life and community

    -all students can learn

    -the community has the responsibility to nurture and educate children

    -the school has the obligation to prepare each student for a diverse and changing world


    We value...

    -innovation and continuous improvement

    -nurturing the unique abilities of each student

    -system-wide collaboration, cooperation, and communication

    -pride and safety in all aspects of our school and community

    -integrity, honesty, and fiscal responsibility

    -respect for diversity in a learning environment

    -excellence in education

    Our beliefs and values INSPIRE lifelong learning