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Picking Up & Dropping Off Students

Picking Up & Dropping Off Your Children At School

The safety of our Pullen students is of the utmost importance, therefore, it is crucial that all parents read and follow the school’s safety procedures for picking up and dropping off children at school.


TO THE SOUTH OF THE SCHOOL IS OUR PARENT DROP OFF ZONE. If you are driving your child to school please use this area. This is a NO PARKING area.  Parents can pull in the drop off area (Loop) and let their students off on the playground side of the road so that they can walk directly to the playground.  If you need to park, please use the parking spaces provided to the east of the parent drop off area.


Absolutely NO vehicles are allowed to park or even drop off students in the front of the school during the hours of 8:00am to 9:00am and 3:00pm to 4:00pm. This area must be clear of cars during this time for the safety of all our students.

TO THE NORTH OF THE SCHOOL IS OUR NEW BUS LOADING AND UNLOADING ZONE.  This area must remain clear of vehicles at all times. Cars parked in the bus zone will be ticketed. The parking to the northeast (or in back of the school) is for staff parking only.

 When crossing Brown Street students and parents are required to use the crossing guard.  Parent support and cooperation in this matter is extremely important in order to keep ALL of our students safe in this busy traffic area.