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Notice of Pesticide Applications

Notification of Pesticide Application
Date to be applied: July 9 - 17, 2018
Target: Weeds and Ants
Location of Application: Mt Pleasant Public School Buildings:
Mt. Pleasant High School, 1155 S. Elizabeth
(including athletic complex)
Horizon Park Soccer Complex, 1535 Sweeny
Kinney Central Administration, 720 N. Kinney
Fancher Elementary, 801 S. Kinney
Ganiard Elementary, 101 S. Adams
McGuire Elementary, 4883 E. Crosslanes
Pullen Elementary, 251 S. Brown St.
Vowles Elementary, 1560 S. Watson
West Intermediate, 440 S. Bradley
Horizon Park Soccer Complex, 1535 Sweeny St.
Oasis/WAY, 3480 S. Isabella Road
1651 S. Bamber Rd.
Rosebush School, 3771 N. Mission Rd., Rosebush
Maintenance/Transportation, 450 S Bradley St.
Contact Person at School: Josh Rhodes, (989) 824-0504
For more information on Pesticides you may contact:
Kevin Kern – MDA Pesticide Inspector (989) 239-7637
Lauren Walsh - MDA Pesticide Inspector (517) 420-1865 

National Pesticide Information Center – toll free (800) 868-7378