Fancher Flyer 11.21.22 Report Cards are coming home with students today!
8 days ago, Fancher Elementary
Fancher Falcons showing gratitude around school.
8 days ago, Fancher Elementary
Thankful Jars
Positive Pumpkins in Mr. Bunting’s Class
21 reasons why Mrs. French is Thankful
Due to icy road conditions, Mount Pleasant Public Schools are closed for Friday, November 18.
12 days ago, Mount Pleasant Public Schools
Due to icy road conditions, Mount Pleasant Public Schools are now closed for Thursday, November 17.
13 days ago, Mount Pleasant Public Schools
Good afternoon families, We wanted to remind you of our Fancher Cultural Night tonight, Wednesday, November 16th. Doors open at 6pm near the cafeteria off of Kinney Avenue. We hope you can join us from 6:00-7:00pm for our student & family cultural presentations. We also need your help along Kinney Avenue and High Street, if you are turning right off of Kinney onto High Street please pay attention to our crosswalk. We have a crossing guard there trying to safely walk students across the road and some cars are not stopping to allow our students to cross. Please be patient and careful when driving. With the colder temperatures and snowy weather, please send your student with labeled snow gear; including boots, gloves, hat, coat, snow pants. If you are in need of assistance with getting the proper clothing you can set up an appointment with Clothing Inc. which is located just down the road from Fancher Elementary book an appointment here -, or contact your student's teacher. Thanks, Fancher Elementary
13 days ago, Fancher Elementary
clothing drive
outdoor recess
winter gear
With our first recesses with snow, students were taught the expectations to SOAR while playing in the snow. They also learned how to be prepared for a snowy recess. #bringonmoresnow
14 days ago, Kendra Asher
Fancher Snow Guidelines
Snow/Cold Weather Supplies
With snow in the forecast today please remember to send in your student’s winter gear. Make sure things are labeled with last name on the tags. #bringonthesnow
15 days ago, Fancher Elementary
bring your winter gear
dress warm
Reminder today, Friday, Nov. 11th we dismiss at 11:57am from Fancher. Please make sure your student knows how they are getting home today on this 1/2 day. If it’s different than their normal please write a note in the student agenda for today or email their teacher. Thanks and have a great weekend.
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1/2 day
20 days ago, Fancher Elementary
A reminder no school Tuesday and Friday is a 1/2 day. Fancher dismisses at 11:57am Friday.
22 days ago, Fancher Elementary
1/2 day Friday
No School Tuesday
Mrs. Groves, Fancher Librarian, and Miss Renata Borton, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Student Support Advocate teamed up to share more about the culture and values of Native Americans with students. Miss Renata talked to students about the seven grandfather teachings and their significance of living a good life: respect, humility, honesty, bravery, love, truth, and wisdom. She shared how receiving an eagle feather is of the highest honor in their culture. Mrs. Groves has a great display of fiction and nonfiction books students can check out for Native American Heritage Month, as well as photos of our local tribal council and famous Native Americans. Students are excited to learn more throughout the month.
25 days ago, Fancher Elementary
Ms. Renata Borton sharing with Fancher students
Native American Books
Tribal Council
Native American Heritage Month
Fancher Flyer 11.3.22
27 days ago, Fancher Elementary
Reminder Fancher Halloween Parade today 2:30pm along Kinney Avenue. Join us and watch from the sidewalks. See the map below.
30 days ago, Fancher Elementary
Join us along Kinney Ave for our costume parade today.
Fancher Elementary hosted their 4th Gratitude Drive Thru for National First Responders Day. Local first responders joined us for donuts & coffee on Kinney Avenue lawn this morning with students from Ms. Richard's, Ms. Shiner's, & Ms. Visner's classrooms. #FalconProud #OP #NationalFirstRespondersDay #Heroes
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Gratitude Drive Thru at Fancher Elementary for National First Responders Day
Served Ignite Donuts & Ponder Coffee
We are so thankful for our local First Responders!
Today was a great day!
Blu and our Falcons love learning together! Today in Mrs. Nowkicki’s 3rd grade class they learned about Empathy and the importance of showing kindness with the help of Miss Ashleigh, our school counselor.
about 1 month ago, Fancher Elementary
3rd grade
3rd graders in Mrs. Nowicki’s Class
Good afternoon Fancher Families, Each school year we ask our stakeholders to share feedback about their experiences with your child’s education that includes the areas of learning, school safety, interpersonal relationships, as well as your attitudes about the school environment and your personal involvement in school. We appreciate you taking this Family School Climate Survey for your current Fancher student by November 6th. It should take approximately 10 minutes. We use this information to help guide our future school practices.Thank you for your time, feedback, and continued support. Mrs. Katie Rinke, Fancher Principal & Fancher Staff Fancher School Climate Survey
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Fancher's Gratitude Drive-thru for National First Responders Day next Friday, October 28th 9am-9:30am. We are once again inviting first responders to join us at Fancher Elementary for coffee and donuts from 9:00-9:30am. Help us spread the word.
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Fancher's Gratitude Drive-thru
With colder temperatures, please make sure your student has warmer gear for outside recess - winter coat, hat, gloves, boots. Be sure to label it all.
about 1 month ago, Fancher Elementary
Dress warm for colder temps
Fancher Flyer 10.15.22 Thank you for joining us for virtual Parent Teacher Conferences, Book-Nic, and Book Fair this week. Be sure to check out our Fancher Facebook page or the website for pictures of all the great things happening. #FalconProud
about 2 months ago, Fancher Elementary
We couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better turn out for our Fancher Book-Nic. Families and students’ VIP’s spread across the lawn and playground to enjoy a special lunch with their Fancher Falcon. Thank you for joining us Tuesday and visiting our Book Fair. The Book Fair is open one more day on Thursday for our last day. Reminder no school Friday due to Parent Teacher Conferences. Please share any pictures from Book-Nic in the comments on the Fancher Facebook page.
about 2 months ago, Fancher Elementary
Fancher Book-Nic
Enjoying sunshine and lunch with family.
Book-Nic lunch
Fancher family enjoying a story and lunch on the lawn.